Scrubs on TV Land

I love Scrubs and still consider it one of my favorite shows, even if NBC has always treated it like such crap that now it’s being aired on ABC for this next season.

Anyway, as much as I love Scrubs, I was weirdly bothered that they’re showing reruns on TV Land. Besides the fact they rerun it on Comedy Channel ad nauseum, I’ve always thought of TV Land as a channel that airs shows older than Scrubs. Shows like I Love Lucy, Leave It To Beaver and All In The Family. They’ve been showing Cosby Show lately too and for me that feels like they’re pushing it with the newness too. I liked how it was before when TV Land was for shows that aired before 1980 and Nick At Night had the newer shows like Roseanne, Cosby and Home Improvement. I guess as we’re nearing 2010 (yikes!) the bar between TV Land and Nick At Night might need to be raised. I still think, though, that Scrubs doesn’t belong on either channel quite yet. And while I’m at shows belonging, when did the George Lopez Show become classic enough to belong on Nick At Nite at all? I think Nick At Nite should do less George Lopez Show and more Family Matters.

Of course, there are so many shows I wish they would eventually show on either channel….off the top of my head, The Wonder Years, ALF, Taxi and maybe even Maude. And even though I own all the Mary Tyler Moore Show DVDs that are available (only up to season 4, dammit!), it’d be nice if they aired that too so maybe a new generation of folks could get into it.

Anyway, that’s my tired ranting for today. I will leave with a little clip from the Chuckles The Clown Bites The Dust episode of Mary Tyler Moore Show.