Seeking Happily Ever After

I came across an interesting sounding documentary while looking at the Feministing blog today. I think I stumbled upon it somewhere else a few weeks ago, but I took some time to peruse the website today. Being an almost 30 single woman myself, it especially piqued my interest. From the Seeking Happily Ever After website’s summary:

There are more single women in their 30s today (by choice) than at any other time in history, according to a recent US Census. Why now? Are women redefining happily ever after? Filmmakers Kerry David and Michelle Cove decided to find out. They went underneath the bubbly surface of Sex and the City to talk to hundreds of single women and find out what’s really going on.

The documentary has interviews with single women over 30, discussing both their happiness and even their struggles with their position. No longer is the Cinderella story considered what every little girl wants.

They have a nice little preview video on YouTube: