Some of my friends heard about all my excitement around the holidays when my Gateway laptop crashed and became an expensive paperweight. I did numerous things to try recovering it and got help from our IT guy at work who had no idea how to recover it. I think a virus hit the system because up until the time it died it was going more and more slowly. Around the spring I was thinking it would be nice to have a backup computer for when I didn’t want to take my Mac around with me. I did do some searching and just wanted something extremely simple…something that I could use for the Internet and something I could use to do basic MS Office type functions. Unfortunately pretty much all new PC laptops come with Vista, which I know I wanted to avoid. I ended up getting a Thinkpad from Overstock which ultimately ended up being a defective product. I returned it and decided to see if I could do any restoring of my Gateway myself.

So…a few weeks ago I got a new hard drive from someone on Craig’s List and started looking into a non-Windows operating system, maybe Linux. My brother generally knows more about all these things than I do, but I ended up ordering a CD-ROM of Ubuntu…unfortunately the CD I tried burning from their site didn’t work on my PC. It may have been a Mac/PC thing. So today I got the disc and am right now in the process of installing it. It looks like it’s going well and I’ll see how I like it. I’m just feeling proud of myself today for saving all that $$ and restoring a PC all by myself. Now I’ll need to figure out how to connect it to my Airport. Thankfully I have my Apple Care and can call to bug the Apple people if I have trouble.

I will leave now with some great scenes from Office Space, which I thought were appropriate for this post:


Fixing my laptop

Last year around the holidays, my Gateway laptop crashed and has been a paperweight ever since. I was intending to buy a new laptop, but I think I can try to make a learning experience out of this by rebuilding the whole thing. I’m going to buy a new hard drive and run Ubuntnu on it. So, we’ll see what becomes of this little experiment.

Comcast woes

I got cable in my apartment for the first time in March. I have had a fabulous experience with it until last week when my air conditioner got installed. All of a sudden I started getting errors and have had issues with my phone and Internet.

So, the story started last Wednesday. I called Comcast Thursday night and explained my cable problems and made an appointment for Sunday for a technician between 3-5. I was in Jersey for the weekend so rushed back to be home for 3pm. At around 4:30, still no technician, I ran to pick up laundry downstairs and missed a call so had my appointment canceled. 😦 But by then my cable was working decently, but my Internet and phone were working badly. Tuesday the technician came back and gave me a new cable modem, but then my cable started acting up again. Now I’m having the guy come back again on Tuesday night.

Hopefully Comcast will give me some type of refund for all these woes. What good is camping inside on a horribly hot day if you can’t watch TV. And thanks to these issues I have missed lots of 90210. Grrr…


There is an application on Facebook called Blog It that is supposed to update my Mini Feed when my blog is updated, but it does not seem to be working. It sounds like a great application if it worked, but like many applications I have come across on Facebook, it just doesn’t work the way it should.

Along the lines of Facebook, I have become rather addicted to Yelp.com. I’m putting in reviews for everything I can think of lately and getting drawn into reading everyone else’s reviews.

New blog

I am starting yet another blog. Before my blogs were extremely political and generally links to news stories with some commentary by me. Well, I decided that I really need to keep practicing my writing and do what I can to keep my skills fresh. And hopefully something will eventually come out of it.

So…there is no exact theme to this blog. As the title says, it is a pish posh mix of my interests. Some writing about my cooking, foodie topics, job hunting, entertainment and of course, no blog of mine would be complete without some type of political topics getting thrown in.

And I promise that there will be no Carrie Bradshaw-esque brooding.