Brothers & Sisters

Why is it that the few shows on network TV that I actually really like are on so late (well, 10pm)?

Besides Boston Legal, another show I’m always as season behind with is Brothers & Sisters. I love B&S so much. Great stories, great, smart writing, and the actors & actresses are so well cast. Like Boston Legal, it fully deserves every award it’s won. I’m just getting around to watching Season 2.

Speaking of picking up on shows late, I finally got around to watching that show Mad Men that everyone in the world has watched except me. I enjoy that too and need to find season 2 online or hope they put it back up on On Demand.

I will leave with clips of B&S:

Mad Men opening credits:

and Simpsons parody of Mad Men:


Boston Legal again

This week from Netflix, I got the latest season of Boston Legal, which is now in its last season. I love Boston Legal and never get to watch it during the normal airing since it’s on past my bedtime.

I did get a boost out of my cynicism after Obama’s election, but I think my general cynicism about the way media works still lives. I think that ABC doesn’t like having a show like Boston Legal that’s actually 1) intelligent and 2) isn’t scared to really legitimately criticize the government. Part of me thinks these may reasons why ABC wants to be rid of BL. I don’t think BL will become irrelevant though after the Bush years. That was my thought initially for why it might be getting cancelled, but I’m sure more material would come up for them to do good cases on.

If I’m not mistaken, Boston Legal has seemed to get more and more critical of the current political climate. James Spader’s character, Alan Shore, really stands out as one of those rare lawyers that is actually in it for the true good will of his clients and the society at large, while really attacking the injustice in the politics of today. He always gets cases that are dead on with what’s going on in the news at the time. I just watched an episode where Alan Shore had the opportunity, in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, to represent a mentally handicapped man being sentenced to death for allegedly raping a child. In his argument, he ended up going off on the US Supreme Court and how they really are following their own ideology rather than actual justice. Here’s his speech:

[livevideo id=BDB754D9D649445783C70D8AD7480A8C/603492/alan-shore-argues-before-the-s.aspx]
Alan Shore argues before the Supreme Court

This current election:

On euthanasia:

Passive euthanasia closing from Boston Legal’s “The Mighty Rogues”

And here are few more clips of this important and necessary show.:

On prescription drugs:

Jerry Esponson’s character:

Very petty annoyance

Ok, so a few days ago when I did my “Yay! Obama won!” post, I really, really wanted to supplement it with a video clip of Homer Simpson doing his “USA! USA! USA!” chant, but I couldn’t find a clip anywhere on YouTube, Google Video or MySpace video of it. And being a trained librarian (though i’m not working as a librarian), I tried all kinds of search terms. You’d think that since Homer’s USA chant is such a classic part of pop culture (at least I think it is!), it would be readily available. It looks like Fox hasn’t gone crazy taking down Simpsons clips, so why hasn’t someone put up any of these (or one of those medley videos some people post, that would have done too)?

Anyway, it feels nice to be bugged by something stupid like that for a change. I think now that Bush & Co are gone we can get bugged by things like this again. 🙂

Since I’m talking about Simpsons, I’ll put a couple clips I came upon up. The first was one from this past Sunday’s episode when Homer tried voting for Obama, but the voting machine kept jumping his vote to McCain:

A Ralph Wiggum video medley:

Dr. Nick:

Network shows canceled in their prime

And now that I think of it, it’s generally ABC that has canceled quality shows prematurely.

Sunday night during a commercial break in Desperate Housewives, I learned that one of my favorite shows, Boston Legal, is entering its final season (season 5). WTF? Unfortunately I don’t catch Boston Legal enough because it’s on past my bedtime, but I always take it out from Netflix when the new seasons are released. It’s such an awesome and timely show, I always like that their cases have gone with what’s going on in the country…intelligent design, terrorism, homophobia, etc. and James Spader plays such a great lawyer and argues so well for important causes. If I ever need a lawyer, I’d want Alan Shore representing my case. And I love the friendship between Alan Shore and Denny Crane. William Shatner’s Denny Crane is a great and funny character too. Boston Legal and its actors have deserved all the Emmys they won.

So, ABC seems to be making another mistake by canceling a great show after only 5 seasons. Of course now Scrubs is supposed to be coming to ABC for its final season (and of course I don’t like that NBC has treated Scrubs like crap and does this to them in the last season).

At least, though, ABC gave Boston Legal five good years and didn’t cancel it after 19 episodes like they did with My So-Called Life or after 12 episodes like Freaks and Geeks.

I will leave with clips from these good shows that were canceled in their prime:
Boston Legal – James Spader’s character Alan Shore talks about the US government keeping the truth from their citizens:

Boston Legal – Jerry Espenson, the character with Asperger’s:

My So-Called Life, the pilot episode:

Freaks & Geeks:

The McCain Wander

A friend posted this today and I practically fell off my chair laughing. If you noticed during the last debate, McCain spent a whole lotta time wandering aimlessly around the stage and even walked in front of the camera at the end.

The Huffington Post put up a video montage today of comedians taking on McCain’s wandering…there’s some from Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and of course SNL. Enjoy and laugh your ass off.

See it here:

Old School Nickelodeon

There’s so many clips of old school Nick shows on YouTube and it’s really cool watching them. I don’t know what kind of crap is on Nick these days, but I know it’s nothing like what was on when I grew up in the 80s and 90s.

Remember You Can’t Do That On Television? Actually, Alanis Morrissette was on there for a brief time too.

Here’s a 3 part clip from their episode called Divorce:

and their Malls episode…damn I loved this show 😉

and their locker jokes:

I also found a clip of Out of Control, the show that originally aired in 83/84 but was also rerun ad nauseum in the early 90s, probably because Dave Coulier was on Full House at that time.

And one of Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages:

And an episode of that show Today’s Special about a mannequin that came to life.
This episode is called A Visit To The Opera:

Pinwheel intro

And some clips from Belle & Sebastian:

Some Clarissa Explains It All


Welcome Freshman

Salute Your Shorts

Good thing

Another sign you should always go along with your first hunch.

At the end of last night’s 90210 , Brenda blurted out Kelly’s baby’s daddy and it’s *Dylan.* I dunno, that’s who I initially thought, but they did throw me off at the beginning with the do-gooder. I guess Dylan is as capable of doing good deeds as Brandon was. Although now as an adult I like Dylan’s character more than Brandon’s (I guess that’s what happens when you grow up), I liked Kelly & Brandon together more than Kelly & Dylan.

It really doesn’t matter, though, this is all fiction, but I guess it was fun thinking about all this fluffy stuff again.

In other very unrelated news, I need to buy a watch. I haven’t worn a watch in *years,* and in recent years I use my cell phone to check the time. But I guess now that I’m working downtown, having a watch will be more convenient for when I’m walking to or from the train or walking around during my 30 minute lunch. That way I won’t have to be digging in my purse looking for my cell.

So, I need a trip to Ross this weekend for a watch, khaki colored pant and maybe another large purse.

I will sign off with an ad for Jem watches (1987):

Bet is off!

In reference to the new 90210:
My bet on Kelly’s baby’s daddy was wrong! She was just talking to a new love interest about the baby’s daddy and it sounds more like it’s Brandon’s. She said he’s a do-gooder and travels all over doing charity work.

So…last week we heard that she was talking to Brandon in Belize. So, maybe I’ll put my money on Brandon now instead of Dylan.

I’m so tired from work today, it’s nice thinking of ditzy things like this.

Oh, and Kelly & Brenda were chatting and Donna has a new baby. As much as Tori Spelling annoys me, I liked Donna on Beverly Hills 90210 and I would have liked to see her on this new 90210. I still think it’d be great if they brought a few of the guys back for cameos too….if Brandon’s the baby daddy I’m guessing we’ll be seeing Jason Priestley.

And BTW, the adopted black son of the new family just got a job at The Pit. I guess that’s like Brandon working at the Peach Pit?

Thoughts on the new 90210

Over the weekend I finally got around to watching the first 2 episodes of the new 90210 and I really didn’t think it was totally horrible. It started with a premise slightly similar to the old 90210….a family moving to Beverly Hills from a hick area (this time from Kansas). In the new one, though, the family coming into town has an adopted black brother. I guess that’s supposed to be the token of “diversity” in this show? And Becky (Lori Loughlin) of Full House fame plays the mom in that family. It feels more “high school”-y than the original 90210 and the kids are much more risque and have much different types of problems, which both signs of our times more than anything. The old Beverly Hills 90210 feels so campy compared to the new 90210.

Anyway, putting aside that, some of the more “fun” parts for me? You get to see Erin Silver as a teenager. Geeky still-fans of the original 90210 may remember Erin Silver as the half-sister of both David Silver and Kelly Taylor. Also in the first episode you got a brief glimpse of Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez on a TV, who, if you recall is the daughter of Andrea Zuckerman and Jesse Vasquez (who did get divorced eventually).

Also from the old show, you get to see Nat working at the new fangled Peach Pit (which is now called The Pit). He comments in the first episode, “Whatever happened to just plain old coffee?” Hehe. I used to love Nat and am glad to see him back here. In the second episode you see Kelly Taylor’s mom again and it seems she’s fallen back into alcohol abuse and now is causing problems in Erin’s life. And here I thought Mrs. Taylor had finally gotten herself together by the end of Beverly Hills 90210. Erin Silver actually seems like a pretty cool character, not surprising since I really did like David Silver all through the first series and kinda liked Kelly Taylor during most of the first series. She comes from good blood. 🙂

As for the two big returns, of course there’s the big return of Shannen Doherty as Brenda. Apparently she was only slated for four episodes, but this report in the AP says Doherty’s ‘90210’ adventure might continue. I really hope so. Shannen did looked pretty ragged and really looks like she aged more than Jennie Garth, but I was really happy to see Brenda back and I know there are lots of Brenda fans out there still (including me!).

And of course there’s the return of Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor. I wasn’t a huge fan of Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210, but she did have some interesting storylines during the series run. So, it’s nice seeing her here again and it’s interesting seeing what she’s up to now. One of the big questions in the entertainment gossip world now is, Who’s her 4 year old son’s daddy?. Because she says in the 2nd episode it was someone she dated in high school that she hadn’t seen for awhile and had a one night thing with. So, is the daddy Dylan? Steve? Brandon? The child has golden blonde hair so, maybe Steve’s genes would help produce that. But he seemed to have become boring and settled down with Janet (though I did like Janet). So, I’m not so sure about the Steve possibility. As for Brandon, when she had a dinner date with Brenda at The Pit, Nat asked Brenda how Brandon was and she said he’s doing something in Belize now and Kelly said that he called her in the middle of the night from there (actually, isn’t Belize only a few hours different time-zone-wise than California? Anyway…). So, maybe Brandon, but I’d really see Brandon as a guy that would be more present in the child’s life and they’re making it sound like this father is a deadbeat. Which leads me to Dylan. My money is on Dylan being the baby’s daddy. So, I guess we’ll see, but if I were a betting woman I’d put most of it on Dylan and maybe a little on Brandon.

Before I end this, I did catch one of my favorite old Beverly Hills 90210 episodes today. It was the episode where Scott accidentally kills himself. Great episode and handled the subject of an unexpected death really well. I think everyone that watched the old 90210 enjoyed that episode. In it, they’re making up a time capsule that will be opened 50 years later. One thing they throw in there is a floppy disk and Andrea says something like, “I’ll bet this will be an artifact of history 50 years from now.” Heh. Try 15 years later and it’s an artifact.

Anyway, I will leave with a clip from the Scott episode:

SNL: Clinton/Palin Parody

In case you didn’t see this, this is a great clip. And *great* choice getting Tina Fey to play Palin.:

And here’s a non-SNL parody of Sarah Palin I found via a link on Margaret Cho’s fan page on Facebook. If you follow the poster’s profile you can find a series of parodies of Palin. Very funny stuff.

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