80s/early 90s Toys, Part 2

Continuing my visual retrospective of 80s/early 90s toys.

Garbage Pail Kids

Get Along Gang – Here’s an episode of their cartoon

Get In Shape Girl

Holly Hobby

Hugga Bunch Dolls

Inhumanoids – My brother had this and used to scare my cat with it. We found it in the attic recently and now it’s living in my brother’s old room again.

Jem & The Holograms

Sweet Secrets


Little Professor Calculator


Make It Bake It

Maple Town – Toys and also a cartoon

Marble Works

Micro Machines


Mr. Mouth

My Little Pony


Pizza Party


Pogo Ball

Play Doh Fun Factory

Polly Pocket


Pound Puppies


Shirt Tales

Shrinky Dinks

Skip It


Sweet Pickles

Sylvanian Families

Teddy Ruxpin


80s/early 90s Toys, Part 1

A fun visual retrospective of toys from the 80s/early 90s that I used to have or remember playing with at my friends’ houses (or things I wanted, but my parents wouldn’t buy me). While browsing this website, I stumbled upon a whole bunch of things I haven’t thought of in years, so I thought I’d do some blogs about these almost forgotten items from the past.


Etch-A-Sketch Animator

Barbie & The Rockers – I had a lot of these things…the stage, 2 dolls, accessories.

Battle Beasts – my brother had these

Bristle Blocks

Cherry Merry Muffin – My crazy little cousin had this and took it everywhere with her.

Colecovision – Our next door neighbor had this…my brother and I used to go crazy playing Frogger 🙂

Colorforms – I really loved these things! And BTW, this ad below is extremely campy!

Cricket Doll – And seeing her now, wow…this doll was really creepy. I didn’t have one, but a friend did.

Crocodile Mile

Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur – my brother had this during his “dinosaur phase”