The annoying end of Will & Grace

Ok, I promised myself no more TV blogging this week, but what the hell. When I go into work late I end up watching sitcoms on Lifetime most of the morning while I’m doing stuff around the apartment. So…right now they are showing what I think is the last season of Will & Grace. Now, I really do love so much about Will & Grace and I still contend that the Karen/Jack storylines are so much more entertaining than the Will and Grace storylines. But of course since I love the show so much I do care about Will and Grace. I started getting bothered by the show when they brought in Harry Connick, Jr. as Leo. I couldn’t stand Leo’s character and didn’t like his relationship with Grace at all.

So, around then I really watched the show primarily for the Karen and Jack’s stories. I really had no feelings one way or another about Vince, the cop Will ended up marrying, but I was happy they finally let Will have a long term boyfriend after all these seasons. That was one of my issues the series too.

Anyway, right now they’re showing an episode of W&G where Grace is pregnant and having Will help her with her Lamaze class.

Of all the series finales, in my mind, I think Will & Grace had one of the worst. The Jack & Karen stories ended good and funny, as expected. Then I hated that Grace took Leo back after he did all that cheating on her. But I found it extremely unrealistic that Will & Grace went 20 years without talking at all. As for their kids meeting at college and falling in love…that was a little too unrealistic for me too.

It really made me upset that such a generally good show went out in such a bad way. Boo!!

A good Jack, Rosario & Karen moment: