I have about 13,000 songs on my iPod and usually people are shocked to hear that, but I really love my music and listen to pretty much everything. I am probably what you would call a music geek.

So, occasionally a certain song will come up and my mind will automatically flashback to the time when the song meant a whole lot to me or was the soundtrack to whatever was going on in my life. Today that song was Here and Now by Letters to Cleo. This wasn’t super popular, but reminds me of my high school years and just the whole atmosphere that was my life in the early 90s. These days I wish I had those problems I had then…back then I thought my petty little issues were going to be the end of my world, but now I’d love it if my only problems were how to get a certain guy friend to see me as more than that and wondering if I’d find a place to fit in. Anyway, today when this song came on I played it at least 3 times…it takes me right back to that place since, as I recall, I played it over and over when I was that age. I did find a video of it on YouTube. I love YouTube for having so many quirky videos like this easily available.

And eek! I found the video of Beavis & Butthead making fun of it. 🙂 Their making fun of it was still funny to watch for someone that loved the song. Ah, the good ol’ days when B&B was considered such a “dangerous” show. 🙂