Is that still going on?

First, apparently, Fox is canceling MadTV. I never liked MadTV, but know many people who love it. I didn’t even know it was still on.

Next, the wingnuts are still going on about Obama’s birth certificate and citizenship. I don’t have the time to detail each of their theories, but you’d think by now they’d take a break and just prepare for the next elections. In poking around for information on the latest case by this Leo Donofrio, I came upon several left/progressive leaning blogs about the situation (’cause the other right wing nut job sites are full of racial, hate-filled slurs about this case). The best of them was from Yes To Democracy. The comments there are good to read there too (except for Ted, who keeps posting this 90 minute video on every blog that mentions Donofrio). The last comment by Georgetown JD says:

The Cult has now concluded that Berg screwed up his case, so they’re jumping off that Titanic and into the life boat helmed by none other than retired attorney, tournament poker-playing, Constitutional expert Leo Donofrio. Not happy about the reception that his legal theory received in the New Jersey court (the court that informed him that he is misreading New Jersey law and no, we’re not going to stop the election), it seems that some old fashioned retribution is in order:


Ya know what this means, doncha? FRAUD!!!!!!!! New Jersey is going to swap out the case file and send a fake file to SCOTUS: “I am very concerned that if the United States Supreme Court requests the official records of the case from the NJ Appellate Division, a fraudulent case file – not including all relevant documents – will be forwarded to the SCOTUS and thereby the case now pending might be jeopardized.” Holy cow dung!

While it is generally accepted in the legal community that judicial misconduct allegations should be kept confidential — for obvious reasons — Leo is going to share his allegations with the whole world. So bookmark that oilforimmigration blog so you don’t miss all the juicy details. “A copy of the official complaint – by way of a New Jersey Supreme Court generated form – will be uploaded to this blog shortly.

Some other places to do some reading up on this case, Whack Job Scenario: SCOTUS to Decide Election from the All Spin Zone blog, a thread on Democratic Underground discussing the All Spin Zone post, Richard Dawkins forum and Justices to Consider Cert Petition on Citizenship from Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

The facts (that these guys are all still ignoring, by continuing to yell for Obama to produce his birth certificate):
• The State of Hawaii has once again issued verification of Obama’s birth in Hawaii, making him a U.S. citizen. also says that the Hawaiian birth certificate released by the Obama campaign is authentic.

• In October, a U.S. federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility for the presidency because he was either born in Kenya or is a citizen of Indonesia. (Yeah, it just keeps getting better.) By the way, the attorney who filed the suit is Philip Berg, who professes “that most mentally ill people are in fact not mentally ill, but are in fact possessed by evil spirits…. I believe that between 70 and 80 percent of all who live display ‘abnormal behavior’ at one time or another and that in most of those cases an invading spirit of evil is the cause.”

And finally, Snopes has debunked all this birth certificate hogwash.

Of course, the facts are never enough for these people. And I find it weirdly ironic that they’re so concerned about the Constitution now and didn’t seem to care about the Bush administration trampling all over it for these past 8 years.

So, I’ll leave my visitors with those posts to read at their perusal. But it basically sounds like this case will go down the toilet with the others.

And I’ll post some videos of some more out there stories:

best lines from Plan 9 from Outer Space:

Killer Klowns from Outer Space:

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure with the Future Council


Hakuna Matata


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